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Watch Billow Farm On Film!


The farm on film!

Simon Pain broadcasts beans and ploughs in March. The video shows the beans growing 10 weeks and 12 weeks later. This was a dry summer but the beans are growing well.


Simon Pain uses an apple to demonstrate how little land there is on the earth that can be farmed to feed a population forecast to grow to 9 billion in the next 30 years.


Grace’s new-born foal, Jade, leaves the stable where she was born and is turned out in a field for the first time.


Troy chases a mouse, that does not exist, making an extraordinary noise !


A camcorder which works at night and records when it detects movement has been used to record Billow Farm’s wildlife. The cam has recorded some interesting shots of wildlife both by day and by night.


This video shows a female Kestral in a birdbox being visited by a male Kestral.


The Woodland Trust gave Billow Farm 300 trees. Billow Farm invited local families to help plant the trees with drinks and cakes afterwards. Both adults and children enjoyed the sunshine and planted some trees to help the environment.


In the second of the Billow Farm video blogs, Simon Pain is chain harrowing and rolling. Chain harrowing breaks up dead material (thatch) and spreads out dung. Rolling flattens land and/or breaks up large clumps of soil.


This is the first of the video blogs that I am doing with Simon Pain to record a year at Billow Farm. In this video Simon is broadcasting beans & then ploughing.

Located At The Award Winning Billow Farm

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